Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Care

Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Care


With the focus on independence, Woodbine offers a progressive and responsive rehabilitation program. Individuals utilizing our cutting-edge program may be recovering from a heart attack, broken hip or stroke. Woodbine therapists create a proactive environment that uses the latest rehabilitation technology.

To help every individual recover and achieve the highest level of functioning, our innovative, interdisciplinary therapeutic team approach unites each patient with an experienced team that includes a physician, therapist, nurse, dietician, social service professional and members of our activities department. We understand the various needs of different disabilities, and the effects of the aging process on older adults.

Therapy frequency and duration is based on each person's individual needs, goals and endurance. During the therapy evaluation, all of these factors will be discussed in order to set up an individualized treatment plan.

The Village

At the core of our rehabilitative program is The Village, a unique, real-life "hands-on" environment designed to make re-learning of daily activities practical and even fun. One of only a few "real-life" rehabilitation environments in the country, The Village includes a simulated grocery store, bank, full-sized automobile, apartment, cafe – and even a putting green!

Working together, patients and therapists make their way through the daily activities in The Village . In a safe and controlled environment, patients are able to attempt to: shop, transfer in and out of an automobile, pour a cup of coffee, cross streets, and navigate sidewalks. Patients can recognize, target and improve the motor skills, strength and stamina needed to function more normally as they recover from the trauma of a stroke, heart attack, injury or joint replacement surgery.

Individualized treatment programs are set to meet the needs of each person, depending on individual needs and endurance levels. Rehabilitation Therapy can be offered up to 7 days per week in order to hasten progress and recovery.