Words cannot express my appreciation for the excellent care I received from the staff here at Woodbine.
– Claudia W. – November 2018

 The staff are outstanding, professional and courteous! The facility is well kept and clean!
-Darryl H. – September 2018

Woodbine Rehab went above and beyond the call of duty.
Carla H.  – August 2018  

The nurses and staff here at Woodbine were wonderful! I also give thanks to the PT and OT staff!
Joyce R. – July 2018

Thank you so much Woodbine! You are the best place to be for rehab.
Gloria B. – June 2018

I would recommend Woodbine to anyone who is in need of help. I feel that Woodbine is the place to be.
William D. – June 2018

The CNAs were wonderful! I really appreciate all your services.

Connell G. – June 2018

I have been to several rehab facilities over the past 2 years, and Woodbine Rehab is definitely far superior than the rest. This facility has the best staff.
William B. – June 2018

Great Experience! Thank you all for my recovery
Margaret H. – May 2018

Food was very good and nursing staff was very kind and attentive
Ilan A. – May 2018

Keep up all the great work
June W. – May 2018

Everyone is very enthusiastic and willing to help. Woodbine Rehab is a good place to come to.
Margaret Jean M. – May 2018

Woodbine has been very good to me and this is my second time here. The nursing staff is good and the food is good too. Rehab has gotten me back to walking.
John T. – April 2018

Many thanks to the nursing team for your outstanding care and courtesy, and thank you for all your excellent training and instructions during rehab. Woodbine has truly been a blessing.
Sandra R. – April 2018

Excellent physical therapy and occupational therapy!
Joan H. -April 2018

Excellent treatment of care! The environment is friendly, clean and great lighting. Overall the rating and treatment received was excellent. Thank you all.
Shirley W. – April 2018

Thank you to the Staff at Woodbine who helped my mother. We appreciate all your care and hard work to help her recover.
M. Family – April 2018

This is a wonderful place with good people and delicious food. I am thankful to have been here.
Nona B. – April 2018

The staff are very professional and they really listen to my needs. Thank you and a job well done!
Carolyn B. – April 2018

Great nursing care and great caring staff
Royal C.– March 2018

Very nice facility and caring staff
Ellen H. – March 2018

The PT and OT assigned to me are dedicated and worked diligently to get me to discharge and beyond. I highly recommend Woodbine Rehab.
Martha S. – March 2018

Enjoyable, Kind and Attentive Staff
Thomas T. – March 2018

I was treated with great love and consideration by so many of the staff. OT and PT really helped me with my recovery.
Patti S. – March 2018

The nurses are helpful in communicating my need to the doctor, to ensure I got the best care/help.
Christine D. – March 2018

All of the staff are the very best. Highly recommend Woodbine Rehab.
Michael C. – March 2018

No one wants to go to a Rehab Facility, but Woodbine made the healing process much easier for me. The staff are excellent. They all care about their jobs and it shows.
Carter P. – March 2018

The Rehab Gym is outstanding and all the therapist were really great!
Geraldine K. – February 2018

I liked the gym, exercising with the therapist. They are great, and I would give them a “10”
G. R. – February 2018

The staff I worked with are very nice and everything was great.
Emma J. – February 2018

Woodbine cares to know what it takes to make their patients stay pleasant.
Michael K. – February 2018

I had excellent care while at Woodbine. My nurses were wonderful and caring.
Helen P. – February 2018

The people are very nice here and I needed to be here, and it is the best place.
Ellen R.  – February 2018

My stay at Woodbine was 2 weeks, and it was wonderful. The staff who work here are very nice, and very attentive.
Dorrit K. – February 2018

The Physical Therapist at Woodbine are some of the best I have worked with and I want to thank them for getting me back to standing and walking.
Angela T. – February 2018