“My stay went very well, the Nursing Team takes very good care of all the patients, and I was treated like family. I was well taken care of and medication came on time. The Rehabilitation Team took me to the gym and I was able to walk up and down the hallways and stairwells, to ensure I would be ready to return home by myself. I feel very strong and confident based on my time here at Woodbine, that I will do great at home. I would recommend Woodbine Rehab to my friends, just as my family recommended Woodbine to me! Chaivut, my Physical Therapist helped me a lot with my rehabilitation, and stuck by my side as I got stronger! “

– Joseph Harrell
Pictured with Physical Therapist, Chaivut Vorachacreyanan

Another Rehabilitation Success Story!
“This was a very tough, but super rewarding journey that I was on here at Woodbine. I had to have a trach placed while in the hospital and remained with one at Woodbine, and it was very scary to not know if my voice would ever come back. After lots of hard work from rehab, respiratory, and nursing, I was able to be decannulated and I have my voice back!!! I am so grateful for Woodbine!!”

– Marcus Wilson

“I was a patient at Woodbine, which was my first experience in a rehabilitation facility. I received excellent care at Woodbine on my path to wellness. Everyone there was warm, caring and professional, specifically Ms. Jeanette, and the physical therapy team. My family and I will be forever grateful to the management and staff at Woodbine for the care I received.”

– Janice Johnson

I Was So Impressed With The Staff!
“I was so impressed with the commitment, care, and professionalism of the staff at all levels. This is especially noteworthy under the difficult circumstances of keeping all safe during the pandemic. Still, the physical therapy and occupational therapy were so effective that my stay was shorter than anticipated!”

– Bennett Lindauer

“My time here at Woodbine was 110% positive! The service I received was awesome. My CNA, Ms. Jeanette is an angel and she truly helped me both physically and mentally. Woodbine saved me, in more ways than one. Woodbine Rehab has a dream team!!”

– Mr. Donahue Barnes

“They were very nice, made me laugh. They made me feel very welcome! It isn’t easy to come to a nursing home, but Woodbine Rehab really helped me, and I am happy I came here.”

– Lottie Avumegah-Fair

“The Nurses here at Woodbine Rehab and Healthcare are very polite and caring. In particular, I would like to recognize Abbie. She took very good care of me and her attention to detail to my clinical care needs were amazing! She made me feel very special and went above and beyond caring for me!
Thank you and God Bless Woodbine!!

– Charles Howerton
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