“If I had to describe my experience in one word, it would be EXCELLENT! I wouldn’t be where I am today without the rehab department. I’m so glad I chose to do my therapy at Woodbine!”

– Jean C.

“We are very happy with the care here at Woodbine. We want to thank a few people, in particular, Danielle Levin in admissions for helping make the transition so easy and establishing a sense of trust from the get-go. Also, Emebet, the evening shift nurse who was exceptional. Charles, the respiratory therapist, was on top of everything and made him feel safe. Lastly, we want to thank Reem, the social worker, for helping him get back home so quickly. ”

– Family of Resident, Steven Norman

“I had a successful stay at Woodbine and walked out of the facility with arms raised! My family was so impressed with Woodbine’s care team, that they baked 100 cupcakes and distributed them to the hard working team at discharge. Success is a journey that takes dedication from the patient, the personal team and the family. Thank you, Woodbine!”

– Mr. Brooks

“My name is Scott Vester. My Sister is a patient at Woodbine Rehab. From the very first day we have been treated just like family. From the people in the Admissions office to the nurses and doctors, and all of the staff and the people that clean the rooms have been wonderful to us. They always call me at home if there are any changes with my sister. She is really doing great and that’s because of the care she gets there. Whoever does the hiring at Woodbine has a special gift of picking out the best of the best to hire. The therapist meets us at a round table and tells us what’s going on. Even employees that don’t take care of my sister always ask if there’s anything they can do. I’m not using any names because I don’t want to leave anyone out. Everyone is great.”

– Scott Vester

“I’ve had so many positive experiences! The team has quite a personality! They are extremely professional and very compassionate. The team is always looking for ways to help me by anticipating my needs.”

– Ella Thomas

“Great staff! The nurses and CNAs are absolutely wonderful. The rehab I received was also very good. I have been a resident at Woodbine since August, give or take a couple of weeks. My overall stay here at Woodbine has been awesome. The CNAs, the LPNs, Rehab, Social Services, Concierges all have been wonderful in my care. I recommend Woodbine to anyone in need.”

– James Kenna

“I just wanted to take the time to recognize Emebet, the nurse on the trach unit.  She has provided the most expert and caring support to my dad (Alfred Tomczyk) and us, the family.  She goes above and beyond to make sure her patient is properly cared for and in no pain.  She is a real standout and knowing she is there is such a comfort to our family. Others on the trach unit staff who have been of amazing assistance are aides Messe and Debbie. They are the most responsive and helpful people.”

– Mary Beth Keller

“Woodbine truly lived up to their reputation. All services have been great! Mrs. Davies in Admissions, our CNA, Jeanette, and Dr. Manny Silis get an A+ from us!”

– Thelma Hawks

“When I got into my accident the ambulance wanted to take me to an emergency room in Arlington but I insisted they take me to INOVA Alexandria so I could be closer to Woodbine. I’ve been a resident at Woodbine once before and had a great experience, especially in the therapy gym! My favorite person here is Danny, the Physical Therapist. I like people that are characters​! He even carried my purse for me while we walked together!”

– Charlotte Heath

“Woodbine Staff & Administration:
Thank you kindly for the excellent care my father rec’d at your facility. He arrived a little hopeless and was greeted immediately with positivity and compassion. This helped set the tone for a strong comeback.
Although his journey was filled with setbacks & minor obstacles, his RT, OT, ST, & PT teams pushed him forward and encouraged his recovery.
We are amazed that he is almost his “usual” self and breathing on his own accord. This is beyond our expectations and a direct result of the teamwork of your personnel. It’s hard to find any “constructive criticism” but anyone who is unable to have a voice needs an advocate, or things will get missed (just human nature). The A-Team Mon-Fri are our heroes!
Forever Grateful,”

– John Betz & Family

“My wife worked at Woodbine for almost 30 years about 25 years ago. She did a little bit of everything! We have been pleased with our experience here as customers. The quality of work is positive and functional.“

– Antony Botto

“My stay went very well, the Nursing Team takes very good care of all the patients, and I was treated like family. I was well taken care of and medication came on time. The Rehabilitation Team took me to the gym and I was able to walk up and down the hallways and stairwells, to ensure I would be ready to return home by myself. I feel very strong and confident based on my time here at Woodbine, that I will do great at home. I would recommend Woodbine Rehab to my friends, just as my family recommended Woodbine to me! Chaivut, my Physical Therapist helped me a lot with my rehabilitation, and stuck by my side as I got stronger! “

– Joseph Harrell
Pictured with Physical Therapist, Chaivut Vorachacreyanan

Another Rehabilitation Success Story!
“This was a very tough, but super rewarding journey that I was on here at Woodbine. I had to have a trach placed while in the hospital and remained with one at Woodbine, and it was very scary to not know if my voice would ever come back. After lots of hard work from rehab, respiratory, and nursing, I was able to be decannulated and I have my voice back!!! I am so grateful for Woodbine!!”

– Marcus Wilson

“I was a patient at Woodbine, which was my first experience in a rehabilitation facility. I received excellent care at Woodbine on my path to wellness. Everyone there was warm, caring and professional, specifically Ms. Jeanette, and the physical therapy team. My family and I will be forever grateful to the management and staff at Woodbine for the care I received.”

– Janice Johnson

I Was So Impressed With The Staff!
“I was so impressed with the commitment, care, and professionalism of the staff at all levels. This is especially noteworthy under the difficult circumstances of keeping all safe during the pandemic. Still, the physical therapy and occupational therapy were so effective that my stay was shorter than anticipated!”

– Bennett Lindauer

“My time here at Woodbine was 110% positive! The service I received was awesome. My CNA, Ms. Jeanette is an angel and she truly helped me both physically and mentally. Woodbine saved me, in more ways than one. Woodbine Rehab has a dream team!!”

– Mr. Donahue Barnes

“They were very nice, made me laugh. They made me feel very welcome! It isn’t easy to come to a nursing home, but Woodbine Rehab really helped me, and I am happy I came here.”

– Lottie Avumegah-Fair

“The Nurses here at Woodbine Rehab and Healthcare are very polite and caring. In particular, I would like to recognize Abbie. She took very good care of me and her attention to detail to my clinical care needs were amazing! She made me feel very special and went above and beyond caring for me!
Thank you and God Bless Woodbine!!

– Charles Howerton
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