Celebrating Pulmonary Week – Meet Danielle Levin, Admission Pulmonary Coordinator/Respiratory Therapist

In honor and celebration of Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week we invite you to meet our very own, Danielle Levin, Admission Pulmonary Coordinator, and Respiratory Therapist.

When asked, “What does Woodbine’s Breathe Easy Pulmonary Program mean to you?” Danielle responds,

“The Breathe Easy campaign is so important to me as a Respiratory Therapist, as it highlights the important transition from acute care hospital to skilled nursing facility to home. I spent the first twelve years of my career caring for these patients at the bedside, and now I have the rewarding job of bringing some of the sickest to Woodbine’s pulmonary unit for continued respiratory, skilled nursing, and therapy services. In light of the current respiratory pandemic, our Breathe Easy program focusing on ventilator weaning and pulmonary rehabilitation is more in-demand than ever, and there is nothing more gratifying than seeing a patient I admitted have a great stay here at Woodbine, have the trach removed, and transition back home with family.”

To learn more about Ventilator & Respiratory Care at Woodbine please: Click Here

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